Friday, January 04, 2008

The Times Wish List

Recently the New York Times lamented that they, the editors, hardly recognized the United States anymore. Perhaps this is acknowledgement of the dementia that has afflicted that venerable publication for many years. The editors expressed the hope that finally the American people could rectify the horrible mistake they made during the 2004 election by keeping a person of low character in office; namely George Bush. These citizens of the world went on to catalog the errors and atrocities committed in the name of the USA by the military and other governmental departments.

The list while not inclusive was not so different from acts that take place in every administration and during any war. Revenge killings after battle have been with mankind and will remain until the end of time. The recent debate over torture fails to recognize the "foulest" technique of water boarding is hardly new. In fact it was used by the US Army during the early 20th century to help suppress a rebellion in the Philippines.

Is the recent result in Iowa a response to the pleadings of the New York Times? If so the editors must disappointed. Barack Obama will not be elected. There are a few reasons for this but mainly because he is black. There are not enough unprejudiced Democrats to make that work, many simply will not vote or will crossover. Obama is simply too naive the be trusted with the country's welfare.

John Edwards is certainly not a highly principled individual he is a trial lawyer and embodies the worst of that ilk. As a single term senator from North Carolina he could not be re-elected mainly because the voters got to know him. Should he be elected to the presidency corruption on a grand scale would result.

Hillary Clinton's third place finish is a mild rebuke to the Clintonistas but will it carryover? Mrs. Clinton is without doubt the most dangerous politicians in the United States. Her plan to replace capitalism with some form of socialism, preferably a Stalinist model, may be thwarted by Blue Dog Democrats but she will still try if elected. Certainly her husband is no model of decency as demanded by the New York Times.

On the Republican side is the other Clinton known as Mike Huckabee. There is no public so gullible that a huckster cannot be elected. What the nation needs at this point is conservative leadership and Huckabee is not able to provide it. The only positive sign from him is his endorsement of the Fair Tax; a position he will abandon promptly after taking office.

Mr. Romney appears presidential but must be seen in the light of his cooperation with the Massachusetts's legislature. His health care plan is worse for the poor than before its passage. How can the government force its people to spend money they don't have for something they might not use? Appearances are often deceiving as in the case of Romney.

The appears to be scant resources of leadership in the USA. Perhaps this has always been the case with surprises emerging after the fact. In today's world events move too fast to chance a lackluster President. The nation needs leadership not pandering. Most of today's politicians simply want to keep their jobs and their perks. The rest of the population continues to watch and complain but not act.