Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

The United States once was a place where political debate took no prisoners. Today it seems that false decorum is the order of the day. Yesterday a controversy, rather a tempest in a teapot, broke out over Bill Cunningham using Obama's middle name during a speech boosting John McCain's candidacy. Oh the outrage! McCain, a person who is obviously courageous, disavowed the use of Obama's Hussein middle name as be pejorative. The wonder is how do his mother and father feel about that description of their name choices?

Political correctness has already robbed everyday life of much of its richness and now political campaign speech is to be impeded. In the case of McCain this is no surprise given the McCain-Feingold Act restricting Free Speech in political campaigns. The Democrats are constantly berating the Bush Administration for restrictions of freedoms and personal rights (without examples of course) yet they are the very party of government intrusion in everyday life.

Of course the Obama campaign does not want even an oblique reference to his Muslim heritage or even his past involvement and expressed gratitude for McCain's disavowal of Cunningham. Anyone who wants to lead the US must be able to take the gloves off when facing opponents or as Teddy Roosevelt pointed out "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." All the candidates promise to run a campaign based on issues, whatever that means, yet Obama's main issue seems to be the hope for change; again a rather nebulous statement.

The United States and its citizens are in for more of the same with less to enjoy. The only difference between John McCain, Barak Obama, and Hillary Clinton is their degree of Liberal tendencies; in which case McCain is the lesser of the three evils. McCain will perform the job of president best, which is to defend the nation and the constitution. The other two will move the US towards the European model at best and the Cuban model at worst. The only saving grace is that a term is four years and the do nothing congress is in place.

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