Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Democrats (neo-comms) a shoo in

The Neo-Comms, formerly known as the Democrat Party are going to increase their power in congress and win the White House; no matter which candidate wins the election. John McCain has always been a closet Democrat and a destroyer of individual rights. Hillary and Obama are not in the closet, they are telling the citizens what is going to happen. Neo-Comms are the New Communists and they are determined to make the United States pay for its economic and social success. The desired outcome is to have all the poor and middle class citizens working for the government while the wealthy continue to enjoy their privileges.

Every time you hear Howard Dean or a surrogate speak about how the "hard right" is taking away the rights of Americans remember that the Democrats are merely projecting their intended behavior on others to distract attention. The United States under the NeoComms will be a place that involves a tremendous amount of government intervention in every day life. This will be accepted because the majority of Americans are already so poorly educated and so well indoctrinated that the concept of liberty and freedom is essentially lost or at best misunderstood.

While the surge in Iraq has had a very positive impact on the violence and chance for victory a closer look might tell a different story. The Islamofacists are biding their time. The attacks on US and Iraqi forces are mere pin-pricks at the moment because our enemies know that the NeoComms will not resist once they take power. There is a good chance that military and anti-terror measures will be reduced. The simple fact is that liberals in America do not believe that their is a threat from Muslim extremists; and if there is it is only one of revenge. The revenge motive is assumed to be limited in scope and that after only a few thousand more Americans are killed by terrorists the whole situation will be satisfied and come to an end.

The central fact that is missed by liberals and other deniers is that the Wahabbists goal is simply complete conversion to Islam or death. Take it or leave it, they don't care.

The excitement over the budget deficit is misplaced and misleading. In 1961 the budget deficit was 286 billion dollars; forty-seven years later it is expected to rise to 350 billion dollars; making the actual deficit about 150 billion in 1960 dollars. What's the problem?

The essentially feudal outlook of the Democrat leadership should be a warning to their followers; it already is to right thinking citizens. The wealthy will have their privileges, the rest of the population will have their minimum safety guaranteed against any risk or danger in exchange for compliance and conformity. The Mark Cubans, Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, et al will not give up anything much compared to everyone else. Suppose a person had accumulated a savings of 100000 dollars; the NeoComms are proposing a "one-time" social security bailout tax that will confiscate 15% of those savings to give to those who had not saved. The natural conclusion is don't save for the future.

The NeoComms will force a person to purchase medical insurance or else have their wages garnished to make the payments. No choice only acceptance of medicore medical care.

A citizenery deserves the government it elects. Maybe there will be another chance to change.

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