Friday, March 14, 2008

How Sick Do You Have to Be?

The difficulty in writing is usually what to leave out; there is so much to say and space must be economically used. Looking back on the past year and a half one can be forgiven for feeling a bit frustrated. The Democrats came in to drain the swamp, yet despite a nation wide drought, the Washington DC swamp is deeper than ever. How stupid is the American public? As a whole the body politic appears to be completely lost in idiocy. The old lies are current and yet the liberal bottom feeders are still fat; and getting fatter.

The United States is being held hostage to the desperate desire for revenge against George Bush a president of the soon to be past. The vitriol never stops. The acts at the behest of another George, Soros, are so foolish as to amaze upon beholding their brazenness. What sort of mirror do these people use to maintain their grip on reality?

The most ridiculous non-act was the failure to provide immunity from lawsuits to those who helped protect the nation; instead these companies are vilified as accomplices. In future there will be no incentive to help the government protect the nation. All because the Democrat party is the home of trial lawyers who are intent on getting rich at the expense of national safety.

The hidden racism that resides in the deepest recesses of society, among all races, and especially those Democrats in denial. Now Barak Obama is being revealed for the empty suit he actually is, and he will not be elected president. White folk won't vote for someone who hates them ( at least knowingly). Oh there will be those guilt ridden liberals for whom anything that gives them redemption through anguish, will indeed use their voting act as expiation for all those who don't believe they should.

Hillary, what a joke, and a very poor one at that.

John McCain is another sorry excuse for a candidate. The brilliant senator from Arizona believes that Global Warming is the fault of mankind. Now the global temperature is beginning to trend downwards the emperor is revealed in his new clothes. The only recommendation for John McCain is that he probably won't give up the fight against militant Islam; a belief system that denies the basic tenants of real Islam.

Today's protesters are pale imitations of the people they want to be: 60s political movers. There is no soul in modern political protesters. Instead they become childish terrorists unwilling to discuss or risk their ideas in an open forum. It is interesting that they despise Bush's with us or against view of the world as it is exactly the same as theirs.

How sick does one have to be to think that there is a vast resource of political health to be drawn upon by the "gray suited grafters."

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