Friday, February 08, 2008

Time for A Change

All the pundits agree that now is a great time to change direction. The wonder is which direction and what changes might be best. It is certainly true that George Bush has been a disappointment to Republicans and Democrats alike. The Democrats of course have become pyschotic about Bush while Republicans are merely worn out.

Bush has done a yeoman's job in holding back the Islamofascists, this of course may change with the Democrat ascendancy, still the public does not seem to appreciate the fact that no attacks have been successful since 2001. There are now many young people who have lived in peace and have no memory of the World Trade Center. The general public now has the belief that if good will is shown to those who would destroy Western Civilization that no harm will come.

Will Hillary or Obama really protect the nation? How can they be expected to protect against a threat they don't think exists? Is this the kind of change that will produce the best result? The main worry is that the Democrats actually believe their rhetoric and that the United States is solely to blame for the world's difficulties. Should that be the case the next four years will be difficult to say the least. Any damage will be temporary but still may take a long time to recover from or to change thinking enough to rectify.

The apparent inevitable Democrat electoral success will be ushered in on a theme of celebratory revenge against the hated Republicans. All will be able to witness some really outlandish comments and promises. Once reality sets in there will be the normal electoral remorse, too late.

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