Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin: Her appeal

The dust has settled around the Palin nomination and one thing is clear: the Democrats are scared to death. Why should this be and how do I know? The most obvious indication of the Obama campaign's fear is their ridiculous reaction to her. This tactic by McCain has forced the left to reveal themselves, inadvertently, as political fakes.

All the concern about the underclass, handicapped, retarded, poverty ridden, and criminal classes is phony. The left only wants power and presents a compassionate front that is wholly cynical and manipulative. In the case of Sarah Palin why the outrage from the feminine left? Ostensibly the critical factor in feminism is for every woman to able to actualize her potential. The reality is that only those whose subscribe to the ultra left political view ( basically communism or some other totalitarian variant) are eligible for praise and glory. Any woman who tries in any other way is contemptible. The proof is in the press and other media forms.

McCain is the true agent of change because he has nothing to lose. Obama is simply using the word to gain everything. He is merely a tool in the hands of George Soros, Tom Hayden, Bill Ayers, Louis Farakan and others. This should be obvious from the lack of early support from the now middle of the roaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The latter have been reduced to normalcy when compared to the former.

The strident yelps of pain from the left are heart warming, they are being stabbed by their own methods and rhetoric. Even the so called main stream media are being pushed to the limit. Most members of the media are college educated in a Marxist system from which they cannot escape; and like most bigots they fear anyone or anything different from themselves.

The current media can be compared the to KKK in their rabid attacks on the Palin nomination. Even the most rational complain that they were not consulted by McCain in the vetting process. Already the Democrat State House in Alaska is preparing a false or half truth report on Palin and her handling of the trooper controversy. They have even stated that the report will be negative : an "October surprise". Which now, of course, will be no surprise at all.

The complete exposure of the illegitimacy of the left is wonderful.

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