Monday, January 21, 2008

The Uncivil War

Recent developments in the Democrat party have revealed the true nature of the powerful and the rank and file. The Race Card, as played by the Clintons, has shown that racial prejudice is alive and well among those in the liberal ranks. While almost any negative prejudicial tendencies are ingrained from youthful exposure it is possible to overcome these feelings rationally. Most people simply repress these feelings and under stress or a sense of safety, will revert to their natural instincts.

Thus the white, or majority, will always revert to their natural position of fearing those socially and financially inferior to them. Fear often turns to hatred or at least dislike and is the justification for action. The wealthy often behave as if their resources entitle them to unearned respect and deference. The not in my backyard syndrome in Cape Cod is a good example. The wealthy "Greens" want environmental protection, but no windmills off their scenic shores.

The Democrat party has long demonized conservatives and Republicans as racial bigots, among other things, yet has done little to get the slaves off the political plantation. Certainly there are "house niggers" to quote Harry Belafonte: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come to mind. Not one Democrat president has appointed any minority to a position of power comparable to those appointed by Ronald Reagan, and "W". The effrontery of Barack Obama is breathtaking, not to conservatives, to the Democrat elite. Even the black power structure is frightened; their fear is that by playing out of turn Obama has jeopardized the pitiful gains made to date.

Turn on any PBS late night program where prominent minority spokespeople are lamenting the fate of Latino and Black members of society. Their claims for reparations, more money for education, fewer incarcerations, etc. belie the achievements of the Democrat party which has been in control of the United States, almost without interruption, since 1960. Why is there still racial discord? Simply put it is the cynicism of liberals who would use these people as issues only and blather on while preserving there power. The message to minorities is that if they keep voting and waiting eventually the Democrats will act on their behalf.

First Global Warming must be solved, energy independence gained, US military disbanded, socialized medicine implemented, and perhaps taxpayer funded auto and home owners insurance provided.

The wacko left, symbolized by the billionaires Soros, Buffet, and Gates; abetted by their Hollywood surrogates, will not be satisfied until every spark of liberty and independent thought is extingquished from regular life as it has been from academia.

When the Castro-Chavez doctrines are made one with the United States then life will be acceptable to modern day US liberal progressives.

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