Thursday, February 07, 2008

John McCain Why Not?

The better question is "How long will it be until another old white man is elected President?". The relevancy of conservative support for John McCain is a mere sideshow, it is unlikely that any Republican will be elected to the presidency until there is a woman or some minority male candidate on offer. Why should this be the case? In one sense the Clinton's have had a major impact on American society: without Bill there would be no Hillary. What this means is that a tipping point has been reached where those who want and expect the government to run their lives are ascendant.

There is a constant reminder that women are more than fifty percent of the US electorate so why hasn't a woman reached the pinnacle? That question will soon fade as Hillary takes the reins. The likelihood of another white male being elected depends entirely on how Hillary handles the job. Should she stumble and outrage or frighten the population (two distinct possibilities) the damage to the female cause will be significant. The reverse is true if her term is judged as successful.

The United States ideal of "rugged individualism" is irretrievably lost. Those desirous of a "Nanny State" are going to have their wish granted and will probably enjoy it. Since World War II the rush to socialism in the US has been gaining momentum. Three generations have been indoctrinated by government schools to expect care and feeding from the government. No one should rise above the crowd, no one should be wealthier than anyone else (except the ruling class of course), no one should be happier or more miserable than anyone else. These tenents are obvious to those who don't want to be dependent on government but to no one else.

Take the example of Katrina. Why did the population, including government, fail to save themselves? Warnings were given, but mobilization was not ordered. The entitled waited for action by the leaders; when none came they drowned. The leadership, having rejected Federal intervention, then blamed the Feds for lack of help. Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were paralysed they failed their charges, but in the tradition of liberalism no one can be blamed except the hated conservatives. The assumption being that conservatives want to eliminate all people of "color". A one dimensional picture of any human being is of course self limiting but allows venting of fear and frustration.

There is an apparent genetic or at least evolutionary need for females to seek out a male that will care for her and her offspring in terms of protection and provisions. This need is the basis of the Nanny State. No female can be expected to place herself or her children in harm's way and be considered to be in the mainstream. All so-called matchmakers use this premise, all socialist governments are rooted in this theory, no male political candidate can go against this tendency.

The goal of today's Democrat Party is to place the United States in decline so that by getting in touch with its femine side it will not offend any other countries. Bill Clinton, in his new role of Hillary surrogate, has recently stated that the US economy must be slowed to do its part in curing global warming. It is doubtful that the liberal leadership's "carbon footprint" will be reduced as they are fighting the good fight to subdue the rest of the population.

To be successful in future elections Republicans must, and most likely will, adapt to the situation of providing what the public wants rather than providing the leadership the public needs. For the past 15 years the Republicans in Washington have become lap dogs of the Democrat Party.

Hillary Clinton will be elected for a few reasons : 1) novelty, 2)Party Leadership has it planned, 3)white male Democrats will not vote for Obama, 4)Latino leadership will not support Obama, 5) white women are transferring their desires to Hillary's success.

The only hope, and it's a slim one, is that Conservatives will allow themselves to be disconnected from the Nanny State and begin a resistance movement and endure all the hardships that will entail. Perhaps such action will stir the dormant natural urges of their fellow citizens who will begin to long for freedom and liberty even though such urges will be frightening.

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