Saturday, August 12, 2006

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure; it’s not just for kids anymore.  I recently dawned on me that one reason the ultra left political wing members are so angry is partly due to peer pressure.  It seems that when one needs acceptance so much that one is willing to sacrifice themselves to the group then anger at a subconscious level builds to dangerous pressure.  These people are not allowed to disagree without facing rejection, derision, animosity, and despair.  To whit no one else can disagree with them.

This is especially true in Hollywood where people are afraid to speak their minds, even to close friends, because they fear the reaction of those who might disagree with them.  The act of disagreeing with ultra left conventional wisdom is enough to raise questions about one’s sanity.  Under the circumstances it’s easy to see why.

Recently I have had some feed back that indicated the reader missed the point.  I must take part of the blame for not making it crystal clear; but one would expect the average vocabulary to include the word anathema.  I guess not, and so a nice twist was wasted on the audience.  Apparently the second a slight barb hits home the liberal brain begins to shut down, the eyes blur as a red haze of anger and fear is sent to the communication center.  It’s fun really, and quite useful as an exercise.

When one cannot conceive let alone consider that someone else might have good or interesting to say regardless of its divergence then life becomes a bit frustrating.  For example the 2000 election theft by George Bush was invented from whole cloth.  The very precincts where the so-called fraud took place were controlled by the Democrats.  How then did Georgie steal anything?  Even the New York Times concluded that Bush won fairly.

To this day anyone in need of a black eye, a harangue, insults hurled ineptly, simply state that the 2000 election was fair and square to almost anyone from a Blue State.

No doubt there are many liberals with views that conflict with their friends and leaders who are afraid to say so. Peer pressure makes it impossible to have a full life, which is one reason intelligent children have trouble in school and don’t reflect on their experience there with happy thoughts.

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