Friday, August 11, 2006


Apparently Muslim organizations in the United States are irritated by the term Islamofascism.  It’s not clear who coined the term, but it is heard with regularity on such talk shows as Rush Limbaugh.  American Muslims who do not support the actions of radical Islamic Fundamentalists should not really be upset. The term is quite apt, distinctive, and useful in separating one group of Muslims from the rest.

Almost all the Middle Eastern governments are Islamofascist regimes.  They are secular dictatorships, religious dictatorships, or military dictatorships.  These are the models that Wahabbi adherents want to emulate when they successfully defeat the infidel.  There is no compunction about killing infidels because the Mullah’s promote the belief that non-Muslims are essentially wild beasts to be exterminated.

Their apocalyptic vision should cause thinking Westerners to pause and consider the position their civilization faces.  Very few if any non-Muslims are willing to die or happily sacrifice their lives for a cause.  The enemies of Western civilization have no such doubts.  No matter what the question “Can’t we all just get along?” means to Westerners, the answer will always be No!  The pathetic aspect of the current situation is the hope that the good life will appeal to these killers and so ameliorate their actions.

It does appeal, but it is not available, so jealousy, rage, and psychological confusion reign supreme.  There are no economies in the countries that produce terrorists.  Petrodollars are basically the only form of national income and wealth.  The proceeds are not shared with the citizenry of the Arab and Farsi nations which mine the oil.  These funds are used to buy weapons to prop up the regimes and to promote terrorism to distract the world’s attention from the real intentions of these governments and from the internal conditions of the countries.

Will Iranian leaders use a nuclear weapon against Israel?  The answer is yes and probably as soon as they can.  They don’t care if they disappear in the retaliatory strikes.  Their populations are large, young, and underemployed.  They cannot build what might be considered normal lives even under the skewed standards of Islam.  An outlet for their energy and anger must be found; enter terrorists.  Bliss is promised in the afterlife, bliss that can never be attained in this life.  Is there much of a choice?

The hallmarks of fascism are totalitarian rule, clandestine arrests, torture, state supported economies concentrated on weapons development, and aggression towards neighboring countries.  The term Islamofascism works very well in defining these adherents.

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