Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Great Editorial

The Wall Street Journal might be the newspaper of record supplanting the New York Times.  Once again the editorial page has great material to consider; take a look.  Michael Barone discusses the disappearance of the Democrat Party and the appearance, in its stead, of an as yet unnamed party but one that could be called The Progressive Liberal Party.  As usual the name of an ultra left organization hides their real intentions.

Mr. Barone points out things that have been discussed in these pages namely that today’s leftists are rich, white people, insulated from the general citizenry of the US.  The blacks and Hispanics who make up a large portion of US society are deliberately kept down by these so called Progressives.  Where are they in the power positions?  Where is Miguel Moore?  The Progressives refuse or don’t think about supporting minority candidates.  They see them as gardeners, garbage men, servants, but not as real people who could participate in society if properly educated and truly given an equal shot at life.

Instead they patronize them and tell them it’s not their fault that they continue to be mired in poverty.  Any time a black citizen questions the conventional wisdom they slapped down as traitors, Oreos, and Uncle Toms.  These Progressives don’t believe that Muslims want to kill them.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  It can only be hoped that the American public will catch on but it’s doubtful.  It appears that most Americans are unconcerned with thinking and considering on an intellectual level the true condition of society.

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