Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Naive General

Former General Wesley Clark provided an analysis of the Joe Lieberman defeat that is really goofy.  The General, who was fired by Bill Clinton for his behavior in Kosovo, is an opportunist of the first water.  Unfortunately for him he is behind the curve at this point.  His view that the Lieberman defeat is good for the Republicans in the short term but a bonus for the Democrats in the long run is a false reading of the tea leaves.

Clark posits that the Republicans will pound the Democrats for weakness on defense; which they certainly should do.  Clark further asserts that every Democrat is just as patriotic as any Republican, something that doesn’t pass the laugh test.  Clark states that the Democrats will be united in protecting the United States another ridiculous idea that is disproved by the statements of the MoveOn.Org and their fellow travelers.  Today’s wealthy white Democrats don’t even believe that there is a war on terror, forget about Iraq.  The Hollywood types clearly despise their homeland as many of them don’t live here most of the time.  Their comments and behavior in foreign lands disparaging their country is a gimmick to gain acceptance in France, Germany, Spain, and England.  They will never truly be accepted simply because they are Americans.

General Clark will never be a candidate again and if the Progressives win power he will be shunted aside in disgrace.

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