Sunday, August 13, 2006

US Abandons Israel

The United States has abandoned Israel and George Bush has surprisingly succumbed to European public opinion. The ultra left has demonstrated in favor of Hezbollah through the streets of San Francisco. This is a dark day for the USA. The IslamoFascists will see this as weakness, which it is, and plan their behavior accordingly. We may expect more attacks and brutality. Fear is the one emotion that will defeat anyone, particularly uncontrolled fear.

Look out below! The wacko left is begging for its life but their appeal will avail them little if Islam takes over. The first people into the execution chamber will be the transgender population, then the adulterers (Right or Left), alcohol consumers, women dressed incorrectly, etc. Mike Wallace proved this during his interview with the Iranian President Ahmaneijad. Wallace came away with the impression that the President was a reasonable man and that his bark is worse than his bite. Wallace is like many really old people he has lost his nerve and wants to please and not take any chances.

All citizens of the USA should decide that there is a lot at stake beyond out quipping your fellow citizens. Pretending everything will be okay won’t make it so. Israel is our only ally in the Middle East and they are our proxy promoting democracy. It should be obvious to all except those who refuse to see that simply voting doesn’t bring freedom. The Europeans were correct in saying that the Arabs are not ready for democracy their culture simply won’t permit it.

By abandoning Israel the United States has given the Arab states and their terror tools a big confidence boost. These people understand only one thing and that the strong prevail. Showing weakness does not promote peace.

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