Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lanny Davis Awakens

When one looks in a mirror what does one see?  It’s usually what the viewer wants to see: handsome, beautiful, trim, attractive, brilliant, and so on.  But what does the mirror see?  That is the age old question to which there is no answer only speculation.  In today’s Wall Street Journal there is a rather sad editorial by Lanny Davis.  It is sad because he has finally be forced to admit what many people already know and that is that today’s Democrats are juvenile, hateful, and dangerous.

Yesterday on the Fox News Channel Bob Beckel, a Democrat Party strategist remarked during the conversation about his liberal credentials that “…I don’t have to prove anything.  During the 60s I was down south getting crackered.”  Now if he had said getting niggered, or getting spicked what would the reaction have been?  These people can not see themselves as the mirror sees them.

The Davis editorial provides several examples of what liberals like to call hate speech and they are disgusting.  Why any Jew contributes and votes Democrat is beyond wonder; they are outcasts in their own party. Lanny Davis is either very naïve or disingenuous.  Most likely it is the latter as he is a Democrat apparatchik and knows well the ways of the political world.  While criticizing right wing commentators for hypocrisy and sanctimonious tirades he is betrayed by his own writing.  His self-serving hoax attack on the left wing bloggers is really a ploy to warn them to not be as open as it will hurt the Democrats with most Americans who fear extremism from any side.  Anyone that writes for public consumption should remember that the impulse to share one’s thoughts is a form of exhibitionism and is usually more revealing than anticipated.

The current Middle Eastern flare up is a very dangerous situation, but even more dangerous are the young, poorly educated ultra liberal bloggers who, because they have no sense of history and are functionally illiterate, accept distortion for truth and are easily manipulated into a rage.  Should you want to view this problem for yourself get out in the blogosphere or into the Usenet groups, it will more than surprise it will shock and possibly frighten you.

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