Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam To Hang

What does it mean this death sentence for Saddam Hussein? The conventional wisdom has been that Saddam’s death would tone down the Sunni opposition, but will that be true? This morning after the sentence was known there was jubilation from the Shiites and Kurds and defiance by the Sunnis. The most likely outcome will be simply a passing mention in history books twenty years from now. The immediate impact will contradict conventional wisdom.

Of course the Iranians will be happy but they are making a strong effort to make Iraq a puppet state similar to the relationship of Lebanon to Syria. This of course is the unintended consequence of “bringing democracy to the Middle East.” The situation in the world both in terms of peace and economic development will be adversely effected by this result. The United States occupation will end probably within two years or less. Civil War will decimate the Sunni population and stir resentment among believers of the same ilk. There might be further ramifications such as a general Muslim war among the various sects. Given the number and quality of weapons a war like that would reduce the populations very quickly.

The real result of this death sentence is that it reveals the colonial paternalism that still resides in the West. Amnesty International has condemned the existence of the death sentence for Saddam even though this is an Iraqi law, such interference is typical. The venerable Ramsey Clark was dismissed for asserting his superiority over the court and making clear his arrogant thinking.

The wonder of the situation is that all the evangelical sects in the United States have been predicting Armageddon for years. Is it possible that they are correct at last or correct because it’s true? It is very possible that a war between Muslim nations could erupt will the West have enough sense to stay out of the conflict?

All non-Muslims must remember that jihad is something that has been going on since Mohammed founded Islam in 620 AD. The conversion by violence is not only condoned it is a valid tactic during conquest and has frequently been used as an excuse to kill all who do not convert. The same is coming today.


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