Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The United States electorate can still be moved by the old line media. This was proved in many races yesterday in particular Florida where the Republican candidate to replace Mark Foley was defeated. This was a revenge vote in a predominately Republican district. Florida, home to 30,000 sex offenders and countless other vices, decided to put on the prude face as a way to save it. The Foley situation goes back ten years and was known in the media and by both parties for all that time.

Around the nation the Republican base gave up and stayed home. The rest of the voters swallowed the Democrat lie completely. There will be some surprises no doubt, Joe Lieberman being the most savory, but on the whole a culturally weak liberal agenda will be promulgated. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will ultimately disgrace themselves because they will not be able to resist the impulse for revenge; Pelosi in particular.

One good example of the weakness of American voters is the Talent-McCaskill race. In this contest the liberals simply lied their way to success. McCaskill actually accused George Bush of “leaving people to die on rooftops in New Orleans simply because they were black.” the voters of Missouri apparently are too stupid to see through such demagoguery. Through deception cloning is now legal in Missouri, as the famous Michael J. Fox ads pretended that the bill was for fetal stem cell research which it was not. Stem cell research is legal in every state, but not the use of Federal funds. That will now change.

Private medical research is ignoring fetal stem cell research in favor of adult stem cell because the latter offers more hope for success. The moral implication of fetal stem cells research is bleak and indicates a society in severe decline.

The Republican Party brought this defeat upon itself by abandoning the principles that got them elected in the first place. They became Democrats. The Republicans are going back to the wilderness and may not return for a long time.

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