Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Happens Next

Is there a left turn happening in the Western Hemisphere? The Castro- Chavez- Pelosi axis is gaining ground throughout the continents. This situation is a tribute to the inadequate education system in the United States and the lack of real freedom in Mexico, Central America, and South America generally. The mass communication systems available now are actually compressing time so that the weight of history is beginning to flatten any opportunity for humane change. Left wing dictatorships are coming to the fore.

Many South American nations are analogous to certain areas of West Virginia where coal mines have been burning for years. The so-called rebel movements are unchecked and are burning the land and people in various countries like Colombia and Peru. Their ostensible goal is to elevate the people to a Marxist heaven, of course if they don’t agree then they are sent to the Roman Catholic heaven immediately. These heirs of the Incas and Mayas are nothing more than criminals with a college education. There are no altruists in “revolutionary” movements.

The evidence that liberalism promotes sameness and inhibits individuality is clear from the attitude that a society must be risk averse. Anything done to excess is certainly going to be harmful, but the choices to indulge in excess even to the extent of personal detriment should be inalienable. Under Democrat rule choice is only allowed for abortions every other behavior is or should be codified. Wear seat belts, no smoking, no trans-fat, no fat at all, food with no taste, no drinking, etc, this is the vision of the future pushed by liberals in the US. Religious freedom for all except Christians because Christianity forms the basis of present day American Democracy; one may of course not even think of insulting a Muslim, Hindu, Jews may be insulted, as these behaviors defeat the aim of everyone feeling good about themselves.

The scene is darker down south of the border. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro (while he was alive) are intent on imposing a Stalinist philosophy on the peoples of the Southern America continent. The resultant sameness will be obvious as will continued poverty alleviated only by imprisonment and execution for the crime of wanting a better life. The only bright spot is that history never stops and these things won’t last forever; but it seem like it for those suffering.

The United States thinks too much of itself as will be shown by the Democrat takeover of the Congress. It is likely that the recent events will be short lived because liberals can not help themselves in imposing behavior on others. After all in their minds they know best because the rest of the population is beneath them. A liberal’s love for his fellow man is warmed by the heart of a prison warden.

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