Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems Hire Republicans

Interesting days are ahead in the United States. The Democrat Party recruited Republican look a likes to take power in the name of the party but will they be able to control them? James Webb, though not officially elected at this time, was a long time Republican so much so that he served as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. Many of the newly elected Democrats are in fact old school conservative Democrats. They are being called moderate in an effort to keep the ultra left and Hollywood happy.

There is joy in the caves of Pakistan, the streets of Kandahar, in the Sunni triangle, and in Teheran. The word is out: the United States has no will to protect itself and is merely hoping for mercy. Of course mercy is not extended to infidels so that is that. Osama Bin Laden is regaling his confreres on how he judged the situation accurately and probably re-ran the movie Black Hawk Down, his favorite allegory.

Freedom of telecommunications is now de facto one may go back to the satellite phone without fear of detection. This is especially true if Algee Hastings is appointed to the chair of the House Intelligence committee. Speaking of allegories, Algee is an impeached Federal Judge disbarred, for taking bribes, by a Democrat controlled Congress and is now the poster boy for the Party. This is only one example of the Pelosi judgment at work.

There may not be IslamoFacist truck bombs in New York or Los Angeles but it won’t be a surprise when such explosions find there way to cable news. The American public has spoken and with very little complaint so far. The few problems that have arisen appear to be Democrat sabotage of a few voting machines. Small potatoes compared to the election of John F Kennedy by Cook County, Illinois.

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