Friday, November 10, 2006

What Might Tomorrow Bring

While the new Democrat Congress will have to be careful about its agenda it appears unlikely that they will be able to control their impulses. The attempt to turn the US towards a European model based on failed welfare state socialism will result in an economic turndown. By 2008 it is likely that the US economic growth will have slowed if not stopped; a strong case for deflation as a possible outcome can be made.

The hysterical nature of liberals and ultralibs will force them to seek revenge for the perceived slights of the Bush Administration. The childish behavior they have exhibited over the past few years gives a strong indication of what is to come. The Democrat Party purports to be the party of the worker, whatever that term might mean to them, and as such has a strong Marxist bent. The wackiest, and most dangerous, are interestingly very wealthy and exploit the workers who do the menial tasks in liberal households.

Even considering Alcee Hastings for a Chairmanship proves the point that the Democrat Party has no idea of good behavior. No doubt the scandals will erupt over corruption and worse. The public will have to look to the conservative blogs, Newsmax, Rush Limbaugh, and others to find out what is really happening.

The economic downturn of 2008 will be difficult to pin on George Bush as the Democrats will control the economic levers. Senator Dorgan said yesterday that the middle and working classes are bearing the brunt of federal taxation and the Democrats will alter that situation in terms of fairness. This means higher federal income, FICA, and Social Security tax rates will soon be in effect. In actual fact more than 50% of federal income tax is paid by 5% of the population. Other tax payments come in the form of gasoline tax, excise tax, sales tax, fees, etc. When corporate taxes and penalties for successful investment take effect the result will be lower employment, and investment stagnation.

America voted and voted against its own self-interest in an attempt to rebuke George Bush for Iraq. There is an ill wind coming and it will certainly blow no good. If the Democrat leadership can not control its members and its normal impulses look for recession, more deference to foreign influence (UN), armed intervention in Sudan, high unemployment, lower net income, and a hysterical witch-hunt in the Bush Impeachment proceedings. The next two years have a strong chance of resembling a national suicide attempt for those who enjoy personal freedom, security from terrorism, disposable income, a strong nation, and all the other things that go with a good life.

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