Monday, September 18, 2006

Carolina Panthers Maybe Next Year

Super Bowl bound? Not likely for the Carolina Panthers; they will be lucky to win six games this year. It’s time for Jake Delhomme to retire he just hasn’t got it anymore. For the past two weeks he has looked more like a bad high school quarterback than a leader and NFL quarterback.

The TV announcers were making excuses for the team, the offensive line hasn’t played together much, they get down on themselves, etc. These men are professional football players not children. They play for pay if they can’t deliver anything more than the last two anemic performances then they should drop out of the league. Carolina fans will desert them and deservedly so.

What kind of coaching leads a player like Chris Gamble to throw the game away? Is he on the take from gamblers? The team is sloppy and poorly coached even though John Fox has a good record and excellent credentials. The only bright spot is the defense and even then only a couple of players really stand out.

This team has lost two games to teams that will not do much all year either; the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams look good against mediocrity but don’t stand a chance against well coached, motivated, professional football players. The reach for league parity and expansion team has diluted the talent pool to the extent that no one team can dominate for a period of years.

American professional football is a joke. Bring on soccer (world football)

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