Thursday, September 21, 2006

What They Don't Know Could Hurt Them

What Ahmadinejad and Chavez do not understand explains their behavior. These two “leaders” are unfamiliar with how representative democracy works. Under their regimes they can stay in power as long as the Mullahs, in the case of Iran, or the army, in the case of Venezuela, agree that they are functioning as expected. Dissent in Iran and Venezuela is greeted not with courtesy and consideration of the ideas but with a prison sentence absent a trial. Media outlets are closed unless they hew to the strict party line.

Is this what the left wants for the United States? Are they so frustrated that a coup of some kind is possible? Well, there won’t be a coup because citizens of the USA are too independent to stomach such a thing, but it is a fantasy cultivated by the left. They consider themselves so smart and sophisticated that only they are fit to rule. Somehow this smacks of pseudo-monarchism.  The glitterati of Hollywood think that money and notoriety must be equated with personal value; of which they would have little otherwise.

Ahmadinejad and Chavez lament the reign of President Bush but don’t seem to realize he will be gone in two years by rule of law. They will be around through many US presidents unless something untoward happens. Their speeches revealed what should have been obvious: they are completely without scruple and will use whatever trappings are necessary to manipulate the public to their ends.

What are the real goals of these two presidents for their nations? They speak of freedom and economic justice, but do they exist in Iran and Venezuela? The tired old saw of the Jews are responsible for everything is lame but is trotted out to cover the failings of an elite that is out for itself.  This is true in Hollywood where Jews are very prominent Jew bashing is a favorite sport. The Jews in Hollywood are a microcosm of the ultra left: they are afraid to rock the boat, are fearful, and therefore don’t really like themselves very much. This self-hatred is reflected in their silence. Oh they went after Mel Gibson but this was really about their anger towards him over the Passion of the Christ in which he earned hundreds of millions of dollars and they did not.

What are the real goals of the United States? Believe or not Americans prefer not to be involved in foreign adventures and only do so in the belief that it is always better to fight somewhere else. Once attacked the United States is a fearsome enemy even though at the moment it appears to be a bit of a paper tiger. The full wrath of the US has not and hopefully will not be unleashed.

The thing the liberals are hoping for, another terror attack might backfire on them. The national rage might be such that all stops will be pulled out and their will be no quitting until absolute victory is achieved. That will be difficult, painful, and costly.

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