Friday, September 22, 2006

How Crazy Can You Get

I was watching a news talk show yesterday, fair and balanced, and two of the usual kinds of guests were yammering away at each other; one left and one right. Although their views and opinions were quite predictable there were one or two points of interest. The leftist commentator was an American who is employed by the BBC to bash George Bush. When asked about Hugo Chavez he lit up and jumped in. Here are a few of the highlights.

Hugo Chavez is a master politician who overshadows George Bush in ability, and to top it off Chavez was legally elected while George Bush was not. Of course there was no mention of Chavez imprisoning anyone who criticizes him. Further Hugo is a humanitarian sending relief to Katrina victims while George Bush played golf. I wish he would have followed up on the relief effort but as it simply grandstanding I guess he couldn’t. Chavez is a man of peace while Bush is a man of war, notwithstanding the fact that Islamofascists attacked the USA and not Venezuela. Ahmadinejad is a scholarly leader unlike the stupid George Bush. Chavez provided heating oil to Massachusetts and New York’s Harlem; why didn’t George Bush do that? Of course when you nationalize an industry it is easy to send is its assets anywhere you want to. George Bush doesn’t control the distribution of oil or anything else.

The right wing commentator attempted to rebut these ideas and then realized his opponent was making his case for him. So he simply said “ These are the views of the Democrat Party, please keep going” Of course the BBC speaker attempted to deny that idea , to no avail.

I have said this many times watch out for those who will make you dependent on them. You will dance to their tune. In the paradises of Venezuela and Iran more people are poverty stricken with no opportunity to change their situation than in the United States. Why is this so in a society of equality?

The Democrat leadership is trying to back away from Chavez, including Jesse Jackson, because they realize he gave away too much in his speech. When you witness Danny Glover, a white man hater if there ever was one, embrace Hugo you know what’s up. Danny knows what the United States was like, he is old enough and so am I. No doubt he suffered psychically  , if not physically during the 1950’s and 1960,s but look at him now. He did overcome, he should be proud instead of hateful. He, Belafonte, and others could not have risen to the heights they have reached in any other country; certainly not Europe.

I say let them all have their say and let’s decide in November how we want our society to continue.

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