Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Violent Islam How Can This Be

American Muslim reaction to the Pope’s speech and the violence that followed has been amusing. I recommend today’s Wall Street Journal commentary by Bret Stephens for an interesting exposition of the ideas expressed by Benedict. In the USA Muslim leaders have distanced themselves from the violent reaction to the published account of the speech, but have still insisted that the remarks were “unfortunate.”

These actions will no doubt be interpreted by liberals as an example of the moderate nature of American Muslims. Islam is a faith that has no borders or nationality. Muslims in the United States subscribe to the same set of beliefs as any other Muslim. They all believe in jihad, fatwa’s, Sharia law, death to infidels and apostates, and that there can be no criticism of Islam or its leaders. This closed ended approach means that no cultural progress can be made. American Muslims are merely playing possum, waiting for the promised time when Islam will reign supreme throughout the world.

Islam, as a word, means peace in the Arabic language and dialects. Still one would be wise to observe the actions rather than the words of believers. Islamic demagogues have seized on the Pope’s speech to fuel the fires of hatred and fear. The West would do well to remember that in Islam this life is of no importance only the promise of Paradise, with its accompanying treats, counts. A martyr’s death is the ultimate prize.

India and China already know what to expect from Islam and are two of the main impediments to the Islamofascists goals. Why don’t the terror groups strike China? The reason is quite simple: in China if you cause problems you are executed forthwith. That will be the fate of any Islamic terror attempt. Indian Hindus and Muslims are constantly at each other’s throats with massacres a regular affair. Only in Europe, Canada, and the United States do we hope against hope that the liberal interpretation of life will prevail.

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