Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Al-Qaeda's Next Attack

I predict that OBL will mount another attack on the USA and that we will be surprised. I am amazed that no such attack has taken place since 9/11/2001. Since it has been nearly five years since the last successful major attack, the timing seems right for another. It will be easier now that Al-Qaeda knows some of the methods used by the USA to thwart such actions, and will be easier still if the demogogues in congress have their way. This applies equally to Democrats and Republicans who put their personal power and perogatives above the safety of the nation and its people.

As citizens we expect our government, hired by and paid for by us, to protect us. That is the primary function of any government. The other jobs that can be taken on like environmental policies, welfare, etc., are of secondary concern. During every conflict the presidents of the United States have excercised extraordinary powers. From Abraham Lincoln who suspended haebeus corpus, Woodrow Wilson who got the Sedition Act passed and imprisoned war critics, to Franklin Roosevelt who not only spied on US citizens, but actually imprisoned 30,000 in concentration camps because of their ethnicity, we agreed to allow such actions.

During the Civil Rights struggle Kennedy and Johnson frequently engaged in illegal wiretapping to monitor the activities of Dr. King, and of course Nixon did it as a matter of policy to keep track of his personal political enemies. Nixon was the catalyst for the notion that congress should rule and the president should be a ceremonial ornament.

The War Powers Act was passed, over the objection of the Ford White House and was vetoed. It was overruled. FISA and the War Powers Act are probably unconstitutional and will be so found when they are finally challenged. When the next Al-Qaeda attack is successful within our borders the protestors will be blamed. This may or may not be fair, but it will happen. The problems created by this action will be much more severe than most think.

A new, successful attack will create a backlash that will be hard to control. Laws will be passed authorizing all kinds of defensive measures and restrictions that will be far worse than those minor problems complained of now. The internal divisions of a democracy and the free expression thereof are the hallmarks of freedom. They are often viewed as weakness by those that would never allow such things in a population ruled by them, be it Al-Qaeda, Wahhabbists, Baathists, Communists, or Facists. The real strength of a democratice republic is that such freedom of expression creates mutual respect, in the long run, which may not be obvious. We can put aside our differences to defend ourselves; we have in the past and will do so now and in the future.

Totalitarian governments misjudge freedom and liberty for weakness. For that reason a truck bomb will explode in Manhattan, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, or somewhere, maybe in each place. The reaction to such an event will be over the top and devasting to the Arab nations. The problem of Iranian nukes will be resolved almost immediately after the next Al-Qaeda attack on the United States.

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