Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not again!!

Well, there they go again. The Democrats, especially Jimmy Carter, are still lost in the wilderness. They still cannot believe that a majority of the American public have rejected them. The odd thing is that the Democrat party is anti-democracy. They remind me of the Mexican ruling party that was displaced for the first time about 10 years ago. The lack of class and taste runs high among the Democrat leadership. Was Coretta Scott King’s funeral the place to dishonor George Bush, something that can be and is done everyday, or to honor the life of the woman who stood by her husband through thick and thin? A woman who raised two children to be good citizens and leadersafter the assassination of Dr. King, and should be recognized, and honored for such instead of having her coffin be a platform for showing off in such a childish manner.

Jimmy Carter, the worst American President ever, played true to form. He has a tin ear and a giant ego. If he is a representative of Christian and American values, give me atheism and Hugo Chavez. The Democrats are worried that the slaves will leave the plantation and start thinking for themselves. That they will be ungrateful for the gains made at the behest of whites in the Democrat party. Blacks are too stupid to make it without the help of the Democrats, stay home boy it’s a tough world out there. That seems to be the prevailing opinion among feel good leftists. Here, have some food stamps, don’t get a job, we’ll take care of you, just be sure you vote Democrat. Don’t worry about those illegal immigrants taking your place at the cotton gin, there’s plenty of tax dollars to go around.

Mrs. King’s funeral was a warning to the faithful when it should have been a day to reflect on what has been accomplished and at what price. The King family is one the most heroic American families, much more so than the Kennedys who are a group of cynical rich criminals. The King family has sacrificed and basically lived for others, the Kennedys, the Jacksons, and the Sharptons of the world live for themselves, and desire to rule others.

Black Americans should be a term that does not exist, but it does and will as long as the race card gets played by politicians. Why is the Bush administration the first to have a multicultural and multiracial government with real power being in the hands of the competent minority memebers instead of the white males?

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