Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spying? - Of Course We Are

Hypocrisy on the American Left reigns supreme.  The USA and the rest of Western Civilization is at war, this much is true even if many will not admit it.  The current violence supposedly engendered by Danish cartoons makes this manifest.  In my opinion it is simply an excuse to burn something and to kill someone.  As I have said political violence is generally the result of feeling powerless because either your views are not espoused by the population in general or because the regime is a police state in which the free expression of political views is prohibited by force.

In the United States we are giving up our safety so that politicians can posture and grasp for power.  I guess the US has evolved to the point that the Hitlerian accusation of decadence has finally come to pass. Russ Feingold, who on the basis of his name alone would be immediately executed by Muslim fundamentalists, is one of the weakest senators currently serving.  He is the archetype Wisconsin liberal who in the 60s would have said “Better Red than Dead.”  Do the liberal bloviators, Republican and Democrat, really think the American public wants to be attacked by Al-Qaeda or anyone else?  Yet, using a false premise, they are willing to risk it to usurp the president’s ability to protect the nation.

Of course we are spying on our enemies.  They are spying on us too, only they just have to turn on the television; a low risk espionage operation at the least. Senator Spector is a little schizophrenic in his views, he feels safe now that he has shepherded two nominees to the Supreme Court safely through the process.  Now his true colors can be flown.  I don’t expect him to get in the car with Ted Kennedy, that’s too dangerous, but he and Lincoln Chaffee will find their way to placate their Democrat soul mates.

Who in their right mind actually believes the tripe being bruited about by the Left regarding the NSA surveillance?  It’s difficult to believe but the Left is letting its hatred for George Bush to endanger the general population of the country.  This will not win them votes.

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