Monday, February 06, 2006

You read it here first

You read it here first; four weeks ago I predicted the Super Bowl would be contested by the Steelers and the Seahawks and that the Steelers would prevail. What, no applause? Oh well, I was still right, though I must admit I had a few worries during the game. At one point, Herndon’s interception, I thought that young Ben had thrown the game away. Pun intended.

The first half was a see-saw battle that saw the Steelers ahead by four points. The touchdown was very iffy from the view on television. The teams battled on. The halftime program was pathetic. I have been a Stones fan since 1964 when I was a junior in high school they were great then and they are not now.

The second half of the game was better, but I doubt that the game will go down as the most thrilling. At least Jerome Bettis got his Super Bowl ring, much deserved and the Steelers became only the third franchise to win five Super Bowls. Anyway back to normal today. Another article to stimulate your thinking is on its way later today.

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