Sunday, February 05, 2006

Muslims Aren't Ready

It’s obvious that Muslims are not ready for the modern world.  Political cartoons are often hurtful to those whose view they attack, however there is no excuse for violence in response to them.  The impulse for discourse does not exist in many fundamentalists world view.  They are right, you are wrong, and therefore you must be killed.

I reiterate a previous thought that violence is often the only path the powerless see open to them.  Their leaders or should I say miss-leaders make this alternative seem to be the only road to be taken.  Clearly the best option is to work to gain some kind of power within the society in which they find themselves.  This is actually the key to the success of the USA, groups can get political attention, but they must work for it.

Take Hamas for example, if this group would take a chance and repudiate their wish to destroy Israel, then the future of current and unborn Palestinians will be much brighter.  A big step has been taken in the elections, and Fatah has learned a powerful lesson: unity is better than splintering to retain control.  Alas Islamic Fundamentalists live in a world where only they count.  No amount of accommodation will placate them.  Even when educated they cannot escape their security blanket of Allah’s will.  Fatalism ne’er won social well being.

The violent response to criticism is completely hypocritical of course.  Islamic press cartoons are completely disrespectful of all infidels.  The fact that that word is still current demonstrates the attitude of Muslims towards the rest of the world’s people.

I would venture one more position.  Islam, as it is being bruited about the Middle East violates its own principles. The current crop of Muslims has elevated Mohammed to the level of Allah.  Blasphemy is reserved for deities only, unless Islam has more than one God, editorial cartoons are not a transgression.  One cannot blaspheme Mohammed as he is not divine.

On that note I bid you farewell for now, but leave you with this question: beyond Judaism is there a single religion that is truly monotheistic?

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