Monday, October 09, 2006

Nukes Up North

So it’s Nukes up north on the Korean peninsula now. The world doesn’t want to believe rogue regimes when they make it clear what their intentions are. It won’t be long until Iran will join the club, with the help of the new Soviet Union under politburo leader Vlad Putin. The Islamofascists are giving Western Civilization fair warning and they mean it. The destruction of everything not associated with the Wahabbi sect of Sunni Islam is their goal; ignore it and the results will be devastating.

The feel good logic is that all the world’s problems would go away if only the United States would vanish. That the leaders of destructive nations, e.g. Pakistan, Iran, N. Korea, Venezuela, are brash enough to telegraph their next moves speaks to the disdain in which they hold world opinion. They know that their adversaries live in fear and wish the neighborhood bullies would leave them alone. It’s not going to happen.

The tide of terror is based on hatred and is not caused by poverty, lack of education, no jobs, but on a simple fact: faith that paradise awaits any martyr or killer of an infidel.

North Korea is a terrorist state that now has nuclear weapons with no idea of how to behave responsibly. Pakistan helped the Koreans to get started and is still helping them today. The Russians and Chinese are helping both Korea and Iran with results too dire to contemplate. Liberal democracies with their secular tendencies and situational ethics find it difficult if not impossible to comprehend the belief system of their enemies. That is why liberal thought dismisses the idea that the threat of destruction is real, rather the terrorists are simply misunderstood and oppressed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There’s a better than even chance that the Doomsday Clock will strike midnight sometime this century. When that happens the result will prove that truth is stranger than science fiction.

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