Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kofi and the Libs

Kofi Anan’s suggestion that the United States begin, immediately, bi-lateral talks with North Korea is not only ridiculous it is also a clear indicator about liberal thinking in a crisis. The Europeans have been talking to Iran for a few years now, how has that worked out? Anan’s advice is to give in to nuclear extortion from a criminal regime. How can the UN be taken seriously when considering such behavior?

Genocide is permitted to go forward in Darfur, as it was in Rwanda, Iran and North Korea snub the UN and basically threaten to blow up the school yard if their bullying tactics are not endorsed. Democrat Party spokespeople seem to agree with Anan and would cave in to these dangerous countries. The best tactic is to cut them off completely, in which case Europe would suffer some short term economic pain, thus forestalling any long term nuclear pain.

Military force in the form of a direct attack is not necessary as the restrictions placed on the ruled will be so tight that rebellion will be in the air. Such rebellions must be supported spiritually and financially by the Westerners whose safety and interests are currently at risk. Russia is no friend to the West so sanctions against them must also be considered. China is another problem altogether as it is now one of the most successful capitalist economies in the world. Of course their government is a blend of communism and fascism it would create a great deal of economic hardship in the US if sanctions were applied to China. The United States should be willing to share such hardships if the Euros are being asked to do so.

When the alternative of nuclear destruction is consideration perhaps a recession might be a good thing.

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