Friday, October 06, 2006

Democrat Perfidy

Once again the Democrats have seized on a non-issue and the American public is expected to accept their line completely. The Mark Foley “issue” is being used by the media to distract the public’s attention from the real problems being faced. The Iraq war, a distinct part of the war on terror, illegal immigration, social security and Medicare reform is just a few of the things that the politicians should be addressing if they were providing leadership.

The Democrats simply want to get back in the leadership positions in the Congress so they can bully the Republicans. The constant blather that comes from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others is very wearing. Now they are engaged in gay bashing, a bit reckless since they claim to be the party of tolerance. There has been no comment from Barney Franks himself once accused of acts similar to those of Mark Foley. Let the investigation proceed apace, and let every legislator provide the logs of their emails to congressional pages all the way back to 1994, then let the results speak for themselves.

The Democrat and liberal panic has resulted in several phony issues including their cause celeb the Valerie Plame affair. It now appears that $34 million of public money spent during that investigation was a complete waste. It is now known for certain that Joe Wilson and his supporters were duping the public. They all knew that Richard Armitage was the leak. The prosecutor, Patrick Kennedy, should be indicted for malfeasance and if convicted sent to prison.

Reid and Pelosi have declined to testify during the Mark Foley investigation; why? These people are purely opportunists who care little or nothing about the people they are supposedly serving. Even this little blog has been attacked by virus laden comments.

Anyone who votes for the Democrats at this stage of their development deserves what they get, but why ruin a good thing for the rest of us?


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