Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Time Is It

The pundits, right and left, know exactly what to do it’s only politicians who are dithering about North Korea. This is actually the first shot in the struggle for world influence between China and the United States. The problem for the US is that its political class is only interested in preserving its privileges and wholly opposed to leading the nation towards any positive goal.

The problem with President Bush is that he is not a functioning member of the political class; he is under the impression that a president is presumed to be a leader. Mr. Bush is trying to lead but without able lieutenants leading is very difficult. Bill Frist is actually weaker than Trent Lott something many will find hard to swallow. Denny Hastert is a man without a brain; no wonder he was a school teacher and a wrestling coach. Which subjects did he teach? American history and biology used to be the province of athletic coaches in the recent past.

The Democrats are going to get what they wish, long, and lust for: power. Then they will have to lead. But can they? Are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leaders or just Sorogates for all the Bush haters?  While they are impeaching George Bush the world stage will continue its performances. Once the impeachment effort fails, narrowly, they will be caught out by some terror attack or other, perhaps one that is a joint effort of Iran, N. Korea, and Venezuela.

By the time the Democrat term is over severe damage will have been done in the name of ultra liberalism. The only good thing about it is that such thinking will be completely discredited to the extent that The New York Times might go out of business.

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