Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wanted Perspective

Some countries, like some people, lack a sense of perspective. Of course whether Iran, North Korea, or any other country lead by nut cases develops nuclear weapons is not as important as getting rid of your surplus population in a humane way. That is what is driving Mexico to the UN Security Council requesting action against a proposed fence on the US – Mexico Border.

Of course this could be just another Karl Rove ploy to damage the Democrat Party’s chance in November, similar to his persuading Kim Jung IL to test a nuclear weapon. Perhaps it is a real effort on the part of the Mexican Government to keep its Aztec descendants moving north. There is a definite class distinction, common in most if not all Hispanic countries, between those of direct Spanish descent and those of mixed or pure Indian blood. Guess which class is economically better off. Should the Democrat Party win in November to the extent that they recover both Houses of Congress what are the chances of such a fence being built? Probably no chance at all, especially if the UN and France in particular weigh in against it.

The Democrats are out for revenge, not against terrorists but against George Bush. It is amazing what staying power their hatred has, Bush will be gone in 2008 and there is a good chance the Democrats will be tossed out too. Believe it or not there are some problems in the world that are more important than Bush bashing. Nancy Pelosi has crowed that “…they said we couldn’t beat something with nothing but were doing it.,” when referring to the pending Democrat victory in November. Only in America could such a thing be true and it looks like it might be.

How can the problems of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, et al be addressed with nothing? A little perspective would go a long way in the case of power regained. Unfortunately the Democrat Party is so childish in its make-up and attitude that when the clowns take the stage it will be time for crying not laughing.

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