Monday, October 16, 2006

Conservative v Liberal

The word liberal was initially used to define a British political trend during the 19th century the hope was that the term was demonstrate a positive vision for the future opposed to conservatives who wished to preserve that status quo. Since those halcyon days liberalism has become a culture of death and denial. This trend is so obvious that now the adherents of this ideology have taken to a new term: Progressive. Unfortunately the behavior remains the same.

Recently, at Columbia University in New York City, a mob of Progressives stormed the stage where a guest speaker was attempting to start a dialogue about illegal immigration. The disgraceful behavior of Progressives is nothing new and it seems that no matter the chronological age of these people their maturity level never increases. Of course they are big ACLU fans; another Progressive organization getting fat off the tax dollars of the US, protection of free speech is a supposed goal of that group. Apparently freedom only flows one way.

The United States is missing approximately 40 million citizens; the number of abortions since 1973, and for that reason the Progressive agenda of Social Security and Medicare are going by the boards. There are not and will not be enough workers to pay the bills.

The upcoming elections will be interesting as neither conservative nor progressive has a clear majority and with good reason. Conservative thinking in the US has been abandoned for a weak mix of strong military and pathetic leadership. The United States is a very prosperous place and it is a spiritual wasteland. The gradual corruption of Western ideals has substituted false guilt as a philosophical basis for life.

The fear of American Balkanization may be ignored because it has already happened. Without the external threat of radical Islam, North Korea, etc. it is likely that domestic terrorists would be at work. Cynicism rules the corridors of power regardless of party affiliation. The major difference between the parties seems to be Progressive childishness and Conservative fear to make them grow up.

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