Friday, September 01, 2006

Who's Really Stupid

There is a march today in Illinois that has as its objective the immediate naturalization of 12 million illegal immigrants. Once again the Democrats are caught between their ambitions and reality. How can the Democrat party, the party of Labor Unions, support the wage degradation caused by illegal immigrants. It is just one more manifestation of the liberal desire to gain power and impose their will on the nation. Both parties are at fault for not enforcing the laws that are currently enacted.

Republicans have always been portrayed as the friends of exploitative capitalistic business, while the Democrats are the friend of the working class. If these paradigms are true then let’s go after the corrupt Republican business people. Alas this cannot be done because the wealthy liberals got their money from somewhere and most likely exploited labor in the process. Yet their union supporters, actually party adjuncts, are being betrayed. Cheap labor is just that no minimum wage bill is going to help a worker making $20.00 and hour when he can be replaced for $11.00 an hour.

Why is this happening? Simply, the ultra-liberal and liberal elites feel it is their right to rule and tell the rest of the stupid citizens how to live correctly. Of course the answer is more complex in the final analysis but only in the sense of how these elites think they got the right to dictate.

For example Wal-Mart is the biggest target on the Democrat hit list. Is this the case because the company was started in Arkansas by “Crackers” in an area that is generally Republican; with the Clinton aberration of course? What if Wal-Mart hired undocumented workers? Undoubtedly they do, even if inadvertently, would the Dems still be going after them? The answer is yes because this is a sop to Labor. It seems that the white males who run the party have it made and the worker bees such as the blacks, unions, feminazis, et al simply do as they are told. The white male Democrats like Kennedy, Reid, Corzine, and the rest out number any female members in the suites of power. Why doesn’t this obvious contradiction cause problems?

The strength of the Democrat Party is based on class hatred, excluding the wealthy Democrats of course. How can these people buy into the notion that George Bush is stupid when they, the rank and file, put up with such behavior from their leaders?

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