Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Democrats In Soon

It seems very likely that the Democrats will regain control of at least one part of congress either the Senate or the House. This means two things: lame duck status for George and probably impeachment proceedings. While bad for the Republicans it might be good for the rest of us. These congressional clowns won’t be able to pass many laws that will be detrimental to the country. If this happens the Republicans have only themselves to blame.

While the Democrats are duplicitous and completely untrustworthy they at least stick to their guns. The Republicans have turned out to be gutless wonders that prefer the perks of governing more than the responsibility of governing. What is really needed is some kind of independent movement that can lead the country in the way George Bush started out doing.

One other benefit of the Democrats in power is that everything will change. When they are in charge all the things that they have been criticizing will still be going on, but since they will be doing it there will be nothing wrong. When another hurricane devastates part of the nation, FEMA will still not respond adequately. Why have we forgotten Hurricane Andrew? The people affected by that storm didn’t get any help for days. Was that because Bill Clinton was a bumbler?

The mainstream media will be able to relax a bit as they will have complete access to their masters in the Party. Talk radio will have a field day which will make it even more interesting. All leaks will become government press releases. Our enemies will rejoice and feel that they can attack with impunity. Iraq will fall into even greater turmoil. It will be amazing, perhaps it will be the end of the Democrat Party.

One can always hope.

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