Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Labor Day weekend

The Labor Day weekend raised some interesting issues some of them frustrating to conservatives. The promotional momentum is with the Democrats and they know it. Their behavior is becoming more confident as the polls show that they are ahead in nearly every category. Beware the polls! There might be a con game afoot with the mainstream media leading the way. The constant barrage of bad news must of course wear anyone down, but it is Election Day that will produce the final poll numbers.

In this respect the Republicans are in danger if they cannot motivate their core voters to take seriously the chance of losing control of the House and Senate, despite the fact they have been mostly unwilling to exert such power as they have. The Democrats are so confident that they have begun proposing the end of funding for the military action in Iraq, something that Tim Russert had said would not happen. Speeches are being given listing Republican failures over the last six years, a litany that would not have occurred without the strength of polling data; some of which purports that the majority of Americans trust the Democrats more on national defense. That is an assertion that is worth some skepticism.

The Democrats willingness to use and abuse power when they get it is well known. Should court nominations arise while they control the Senate, rest assured that the nuclear option will be used by them if needed to achieve their ends.

During the Labor Day Celebrations many columnists urged businesses to raise wages, without considering if the business could afford this action. It is simply a feel good action on the part of the writer. Illegal workers demonstrated against arrest for violation of the law. “Don’t arrest the workers” read some signs; a really pathetic attempt to evoke sympathy. Where were the union activists pleading for the admission of illegals? Where were the liberals demanding that low wages be stopped so that union workers could maintain their position in society?

The Republicans have failed to protect the borders of the United States and the results will be obvious in the next few years. Undoubtedly IslamoFascists sleeper cells are here and waiting orders. It may sooner, but most likely the attacks will begin after the Democrats take charge. The enemies of this nation know that the liberals and ultra-liberals feel guilty about their place in the world and will do anything to appease these murderers. The recent suggestion by Al-Zawhiri that all non-Muslims take the time to convert to Islam was not a joke. Michael Moore and his followers don’t take these people seriously so great is their outrage at their own country.

Coming soon to a mall near you will be the self-exploding, naïve, Muslim. Be wary.

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