Thursday, August 31, 2006

Voters are shareholders

Voters are shareholders, and as members of a capitalist society should act accordingly. This means that when the management team is not measuring up to its potential then it is time for a change. There are two major political firms in the USA, with many other smaller ones trying to get bigger. While the Republicans and Democrats command the largest market share it might be possible for some others to form partnerships to challenge the dominance of the Big Two.

Why should this be necessary? At this point in the political life of the United States a point of stasis has been reached. There seems to be no way forward and certainly there is no way back. The elected managers of the country are managing their careers instead of managing the business of governing. This presents a grave danger to the ultimate survival of the nation.

The Democrats are very good at suggesting that more sacrifice is needed on the part of the citizenry. They are not so good at sacrificing themselves. When the leading lights of the liberal left include Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Harry Reid, and company it is obvious that the left is in no position to lead anyone anywhere. Pronouncements won’t make things happen or make them true. The statements emanating from this group are so crazy that one wonders how anyone can take them seriously. Well many people do, just watch the traffic go by and check out the bumper stickers. They are proud of their stupidity.

Republicans have nothing to brag about. When called upon to act they wilt from the heat of a possible mistake. Polls rule the lives of Republican lawmakers, where the real power is, as Bush seems to decline in popularity the party representative’s move to the left. The national media have done a good job of Bush bashing and many people are suffering from Bush news fatigue. In fact George Bush is probably the first honest politician the United States has had in many years. This will be his downfall.

Bush’s earnest desire to lead the nation to successful growth makes him a formidable competitor and the Democrats fear him. Why else would their mantra be simply “Bush is too stupid to lead.” What this means is that he is too honest, and to a degree a bit na├»ve. He seems to be genuinely compassionate, something liberals spout but fail to deliver. The mid-term elections are near and all shareholders have an obligation to vote and take charge of their lives. Simply allowing the proxies to dominate (not voting allows those who do to rule) will not produce a satisfactory management team.

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Anonymous said...

Voters aren't shareholders.

Shareholders get votes based on the shares they have bought as investment.

Voters in a democracy get an equal vote just for being human. One man one vote.

Maybe you would prefer a plutocracy, where shareholders could vote based on how much money or other property they own.