Sunday, August 27, 2006

Delusional Democrats

It’s been suspected for quite awhile now that the leadership of the Democrat Party is at least partially delusional. As the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches they are going even crazier. Harry Reid has made the statement that New Orleans was not hit by a natural disaster but by the incompetence of the Bush Administration. What next? What about the rest of the states hit by the storm? What about those affected by Hurricane Rita?

The wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Democrats wouldn’t be so bad if they would only take responsibility for the actions of their leaders such as Ray Nagin and Governor Blanco. The criticism of the Bush administration’s handling of the aftermath is mostly well deserved, but the horror was made worse by local politicians who were either jockeying for credit (Blanco)afraid that Bush might get some good press, or simply paralyzed in the face of events (Nagin). The media didn’t help by all the false reports of murders, rapes, etc. To this day there have been no retractions or apologies for their behavior.

Next week we will be treated to all kinds of sob stories and heroic tales, but hardly any of the truth will be told. This is the case with almost every big event in this country each of them is twisted by the media partisans of both sides. This makes it very difficult to even guess at what’s going on. Even the pictures of the scene are suspect; we are shown only what will fit in the lens of the reporter’s and crews of the news teams. If there are areas of tranquility they are not news and therefore not mentioned.

It would be easier to respect members of the left if they simply tried to make sense instead making attacks that most reasonable won’t take seriously.

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