Sunday, July 23, 2006

British Open

The R&A must be feeling a bit embarrassed today.  The tournament was superb, but the crowds were rude and certainly not knowledgeable about golf.  To top it off the course was defaced by some people demonstrating either for or against something.  In my opinion it should be another 39 years before the Open comes to Hoylake again.

The Royal Liverpool course is wonderful; too bad it is near Liverpool.  It seems that Liverpudlians have no sense of decorum.  The drama created by the match between Tiger Woods and Chris DiMarco was disgraced by the crowd’s behavior.  The spectators can only be called crowd or mob based on what happened.  The players had to back away on each shot and start again; it’s amazing that they were able to perform so well.

Perhaps it was the unusually warm weather that irritated the fans; after all it did get up to 80 degrees during the tournament.  During the next PGA Championship in Medinah, Indiana, the temperatures will reach 100F but there will be no such outrageous behavior as was witnessed today in England.  It has been said that English society has been coarsened; it seems to have been borne out today.

Still, Tiger Woods once again proved his mettle under adverse conditions.  His control of his emotions and his golf swing was a sight to behold.

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