Saturday, July 29, 2006

Taxes for Power

Beating a dead horse is never much fun, unless it keeps showing signs of life.  Dennis Kucinich, Democrat from Ohio, has proposed a partial nationalization of the United States’ oil industry. Under his bill the US government would confiscate “excess profits.”  This of course is a sure way to guarantee that oil prices will go higher as supplies dwindle due to lack of interest on the part of the oil companies.

The emergence of this bill dovetails nicely with the view that liberals can’t be trusted with economies.  They will inevitably destroy the good life because their definition of the good life is them telling everyone else how to live.  What in the world are excess profits?  In a competitive world a company can never make enough money if it wants to survive.  Kucinich has stated that the oil companies are running the US, in particular Washington, if true why is he still being heard from?  His actions are admirable from one point of view and that is at least he is telling the truth about himself and his views; something most Democrat politicians will never do.  They prefer the bait and switch tactics of promise to make changes and then just enjoy the privileges of power.

The human race must prefer monarchies in its heart of hearts.  The strong leader be he a king, dictator, prime minister, or president is admired and respected.  How else can Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Osama Bin Laden, be explained?  Muslims really do believe all the gibberish about martyrs and the 72 virgins whether liberals like it or not.  Not only will they die willingly when instructed to do so by their leaders they look forward to it.  This makes them a very difficult enemy to defeat: they win by losing.

The Democrats are hell bent on destroying the US economy simply to blame it on the Republican penchant for spending.  The rather simple minded view of many Americans that the government should and can take care of them is the result of 40 years of Democrat rule which ruined the public system of education and reduced the amount of critical thinking that goes on.

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