Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Face The Facts

Following the events of the most recent Arab-Israeli crisis one might imagine that Hezbollah and Hamas are comparable to misunderstood juvenile delinquents and that with love and understanding they will calm down and become productive citizens. CNN International has praised Nasrallah as being a benefactor of the Lebanese people. Their report made no mention of the number of murders he has committed and had committed by his followers.

The entire West is behaving quite naively.  Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria have only one objective: the wipe out all Christians, Jews, Sufi, and Sunni Muslims.  That’s it plain and simple.  They are not going away.  The religious police are being re-introduced in the Afghan society; many lives have been lost in vain if this is allowed to happen.

The correct course of action for the United States at this point is a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. The US should position its military so that when the slightest terrorist attack takes place overwhelming and obliterating force can be unleashed destroying the enemy at the rate of ten times the damage done to Americans.  There will be no occupation, just a scorched earth leaving destitution and misery behind; and no helping hand afterwards.

Then and only then will peace be even remotely possible.  The Arab Street, so loved by the media, is uneducated, emotional, and desperate apparently unable to figure out the consequences of their actions.  So let them die.  That is their view towards those they consider their enemies.  Fill heaven with Muslims first, then let nature take its course with the rest of the human race.

Their can be no consoling, persuading, appeasing, or any other dealings other than with devastating force.  As that favorite of the left, Mao tse Tung, said “All power comes from the barrel of a gun.”

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