Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Threat is Real

Al-Zawahiri must be taken seriously.  His message today makes clear several things that have been discussed here and are currently being discussed around most of the world.  It is imperative that the threats from Al-Qaeda be evaluated at face value.  They are threatening attacks worldwide that won’t stop until Israel ceases to exist.

Nothing the do-gooders try will ameliorate this problem.  The solution is the complete abandonment of support for Israel; the Europeans took this action many years ago.  The United States will never abandon Israel; it cannot. In fact it would be no surprise to learn that the United States is encouraging Israel and is certainly replenishing the military supplies being consumed in this conflict.

It’s very interesting to hear the translation of the video message from Al-Zawahiri the stilted nature of the phrasing and the use of archaic language illustrates exactly what century these people represent.  They are about 800 years behind the West culturally.  While obvious it also points up the seriousness of the threat and the futility of negotiation.  These are people who are willing to die to the last man; the West is practically unfamiliar with this concept.

The fact that no major terror operation has occurred in the US is no reason for complacency.  Soon there will be suicide bombings in Shopping Malls, on the crowded streets of major US cities, and other violence.  What then?  We will have to wait and see but a reasonable prediction is that even the ultra left will join in the battle.

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