Thursday, July 27, 2006

Confusion at the top

John Kerry has said that if he were president the current conflict between Israel and her enemies would not have happened.  How can this be?  Does Mr. Kerry mean that he is able to control Iran and Syria?  On the other hand Howard Dean is accusing Mr. Maliki, the current Iraqi Prime Minister, of anti-Semitism.  Which side are the Democrats on?  Over the years they have tried to influence Israel to give in to their Arab, and now Muslim enemies.  Now, with elections approaching, they are backpedaling.

The Arabs and Iranians are not really anti-Semitic as they are also a Semitic people but they are anti-Israel and that is the problem.  The Muslims will never stop attacking Israel this is the salient fact that must be faced; there is no peaceful solution to the problem.  Politicians in the United States and the entire non-Muslim world are in denial.  Both American political parties are approaching the situation from the wrong angle.  Our enemies are determined to wipe us out.

There are no moderate Muslims.  It is acceptable according to the Koran to deceive one’s enemies.  If there are Muslims who want a peaceful co-existence then they should make an effort to expose those that don’t.  They should inform authorities about the activities of terrorists. The non-Muslim world should propose a plan for peace but prepare for war; a bloody disastrous one.  It is almost certain that Iran will use nuclear weapons once it has the ability to do so.

The liberals in the US and Europe naively suppose that a religion that is taken very seriously by its believers will ever succumb to what they regard as a weak and decadent society.

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