Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Steve Centanni

If Steve Centanni and Olaf Wigs show up as dead bodies how will the mainstream media treat the story? Centanni and his photographer were apparently abducted last week in Gaza. As he is a Fox News Channel correspondent one would think that the usual tabloid tactics would be observed. Quite the contrary there has been almost nothing reported about this story; main stream or otherwise. Is there a particular reason for this news blackout?

The answer to that question is unknowable at this point, but there is another point to consider. Fox News Network is regarded by the left as simply a house organ for the Republican and wacko right wing. This judgment is untrue and unfair but can be understood in the context of the left wing’s feeling that they should not be criticized or have unfavorable stories written about them. This feeling of information propriety is something that the left must get used to losing.

It can be imagined that should Centanni’s captors decide to kill him that there will be some joy in certain quarters of the press and populace of the USA. A typical reaction might be “Good Riddance,” or “Fox News deserves it,” or something along those lines. Hatred is rampant on both extremes of the political spectrum, but its virulence seems greater among the Howard Dean crowd. When Howard says he hates Republicans his comments are dismissed as “Well that’s just Howard.” When Anne Coulter says the reverse she is condemned as a dangerous, hateful, person.

Steve Centanni gives the impression of a hardworking, ethical journalist who happens to work for Fox News Network, why should a worker be condemned by the socialists?

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