Monday, August 21, 2006

No Peace This Time Either

There will never be peace in the Middle East until either Israel is destroyed or the Arabs and Iranians are beaten so badly that they will give up their dream of the annilation of Israel. I know my liberal friends and readers think that the turmoil in the Middle East is the fault of Israel and the United States. They are simply not listening to the Arabic rhetoric. A reader recently chastised my about implying that all Muslims are radical. Of course there are some Muslims that haven’t been radicalized as IslamoFascists, but on the question of Israel one would hard pressed to find any Arab, Iranian, or European who can take an honest look at the question.

Not one Arab nation has offered to re-settle displaced Palestinians; they herd them into “refugee camps” and deny them any way to make a life. This is a deliberate policy that accomplishes the dual goal of keeping the Palestinians at bay and keeping their unrealistic hopes alive. American leftists simply refuse to believe that the goal of all Muslims is to “free” Palestine and wipe out the Jews if possible. This has been clearly expressed by Arab leaders for nearly 60 years. At one time the US left supported Israel whole heartedly, but bleeding hearts are easily manipulated. This is something the President of Iran understands too well. After the 1967 war the left began to drift away from Israel. Why did this happen?

In the late 60’s France under De Gaulle was attempting to one up the US. They expelled all the NATO forces and remained a non combat member. LBJ was reputed to have asked De Gaulle when ordered all US forces out “…even the dead ones?” The left turned LBJ out of office, of course they got Nixon in return but who said they were bright? From that point on, from McGovern to Gore, the left has looked to Europe for leadership, for instruction in the wonders of socialism. France took the Arabs side, even though their own record in Algeria was worse than that of the US in Vietnam. France and Germany had begun developing large Muslim populations due to either guest worker programs (Germany) or colonial passports (France) and to placate them. They began developing an official policy of ignoring reality. This happened despite the fact that Israel was created in large part by Europe to get rid of their Jews.

American “intellectuals” want to be thought of as sophisticated, which is one reason why they love a British accent no matter how yobbish it might be. Sophistication is something one gains over time and is easily recognizable as a hallmark of a truly educated and well rounded person. Many US leftists are quite sophisticated but they don’t have the self confidence to believe it. Any criticism of the US stings them deeply and they attempt to dissociate themselves from the nation. That is the reason they love the UN so much, they are one Worlders. It’s a measure of their true disarray that a large number of ultra leftists protest against globalization.

The current UN “effort” is ridiculous. Resolution 1559 concerning the disarmament of Hezbollah has not been enforced. Kofi Anan is clearly on the side of terrorists and their actions. If this is not so then why not criticize them? The UN is only useful to the US in the sense that one should keep one’s friends close and one’s enemies closer. Today’s cease fire is merely preparation for tomorrow’s war. It will come as it has almost every year for the past 60 years.

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