Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dear K

Dear K
Thanks for the comments, they are very thoughtful and articulate. I also appreciate that you stop by occasionally. The problem with a blog is that the postings must be short or most people won't bother to read them. I do agree with you on certain points. I do not agree that there have been any violations of the Bill of Rights and I think it will be won on appeal. The judge was way out of line in her comments. I am more right than left though I am a registered Democrat. The party is leaving me and my ilk behind (Lieberman). The Muslims I refer too are the radical Muslims who will continue their activities no matter what. If there are moderate Muslims, which there are, let them come forward and condemn the actions of their brothers. They will not because they fear the fatwa that will be leveled against them.
Al Gore would not have struck back at Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, he would have behaved as Bill Clinton did and done nothing. This would prove our weakness and made us more vulnerable. Why we went to Iraq is beyond me. However the wacky left and even you are hyperbolic in your tenacity to tear down what needs to be preserved and built upon. My prediction is that the tactics the left is criticizing will be used by them when they return to power.
Thank you, again, for your kind remarks and interest

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