Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Already Too Late

If Pat Buchanan and others are correct then closing the borders with Mexico and Canada may be too little too late. Here is the perfect way for the Democrats to defeat George and his fellow Republicans. A sheriff in Arizona has been quoted as saying that artifacts from Iranian operatives have been found along the border, they include military identification cards, uniforms and other things. If this is true then we are missing a vital front in the war on terror.

Unfortunately for the Democrats they cannot take advantage of this blaring weakness in the policies of President Bush. They are hoping to turn the millions of illegal immigrants into another voting bloc similar to the one they have with African Americans. For that reason they don’t dare take on Bush about allowing thousands of potential terrorist infiltrators into the country. The news media too will ignore the story for fear that it will damage the Democrats chances in the next election.

Undoubtedly when Hamas and Hezbollah brag that they can launch suicide bombers at the hint of an attack on Iran they are serious. Their members are most likely already in place waiting for the go-ahead instructions. President Bush has failed us badly in this instance. He has failed for same reason that causes most failures: fear. His primary function is to protect the public from attack, in this case he has failed if not publicly because no attacks have happened. The absence of attacks doesn’t mean they are not being planned or that the enemy is incapable of mounting attacks. We will be attacked within the next four years.

Ahmadinejad is very serious about making shopping malls, train stations, bridges, tunnels, airports unsafe for US citizens. Revenge is one motive, and it is a motive that prevails among Middle Eastern tribal cultures. Domination is another motive. Americans believe they are safe which will lead to complacency and then explosions.

George Bush’s legacy might be the constant attacks over the next few years and his memory will haunt the Republican Party for as long as it continues. This situation will ultimately damage the Democrats too as they will be unable to cope with the problem and will remain paralyzed as their constituents are blown to smithereens.

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