Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Tiger on the loose

It’s not a good idea to twist a tiger’s tail.  This is especially true if that tiger’s name is Woods.  Yesterday at the Accenture World Match Play Championships, part one held at La Costa, Tiger Woods put on a display of golf that hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.  In fact at the professional level one would have to go back to the Hagen – Jones match during the 1920s to find such a lopsided win.  Sir Walter took Bobby to the cleaners with a score of 11 and 7 over 36 holes.  Tiger’s accomplishment is even stronger.

Stephen Ames, an Australian pro and relatively new to the PGATOUR, inadvertently antagonized the world’s best golfer.  He did so by commenting that as Tiger hits the ball wildly all over the course yet still manages to score well that anything could happen and that Ames might even defeat Tiger.  You know the old saying “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and confirm it.” apparently Ames didn’t heed the warning.

Tiger Woods is the world’s consummate pissed off golfer.  If he was able to play at yesterday’s level all the time there would be no need for anyone to worry about 1st place.  Tiger took Ames apart winning 9 and 8 a total that is incredible in professional golf where the level of skill separation is comparable to the difference between a gold medal in speed skating and the last place finisher; milliseconds.

Tiger obviously had something to prove and prove it he did.  His demeanor from hole to hole showed that he was enjoying grinding Ames and also proving that his skills are among the best of all golfers ever.  To win eight straight holes from another professional is difficult to defeat one 9 and 8 is tantamount to pitching a shutout in Major League Baseball.

Tiger does run hot and cold, yesterday he was HOT!  I am looking forward to seeing him surpass Jack Nicklaus and in a shorter period.

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