Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I hope the Supreme Court Bans Partial Birth Abortion

The latest hypocrisy from California is out and about on the news shows.  The anesthesiologists who pacify the criminal before execution are refusing to do so on the grounds that their job is to save lives no take them.  What a joke!  Personally I think the execution of criminals is too good for them and that life in solitary confinement is a better punishment.  These doctors, however, are just plain liars.

Partial birth abortion, the act of bringing a baby halfway out of the womb and then crushing its skull, or sucking its brain out, is murder.  I fully expect the Supreme Court to uphold the ban on this barbaric practice.  The liberals prefer to call it “late term abortion,” its late alright; the fully developed human infant is killed just as it enters the world.  We have more sympathy for animals than we do people.

The parents of this victim, the doctors, nurses, and anyone else associated with this practice should themselves be imprisoned for life.  How, and I hope someone will tell me, can a medical person opposed to the execution of murderers, themselves commit murder and smile about it when the bill is paid?  When these hypocrites relax with a drink in their Malibu homes, gazing out at their domain feeling comfortable in the knowledge that they have gotten away with murder, they must feel great knowing how wonderful they are.

There can never be a reason to murder a baby that has been brought to full term.  Babies are frequently born prematurely and live full lives.  I am 58 years old and have a friend born 58 years ago prematurely; he is still living and has made valuable contributions to society.  What are we losing through this particular abortion technique?

I have said before that the straw man of women’s reproductive rights is a false argument.  A woman has no need of abortion to succeed in today’s world.  My advice to women and men is to behave responsibly, don’t get drunk, and have intercourse which may result in pregnancy.  Take a birth control measure.  If a woman’s success depends on control of her uterus then it is she who must control it, she must behave responsibly and insist that her male partner do the same.  If orgasm is the goal, use a rubber or use a dildo, the result is the same: no pregnancy.

I am afraid that the so called reproductive rights of women is simply a license for promiscuity and is in a fact a false premise that enables men another chance to have sex with a woman they barely know.  I promote promiscuity with responsibility and the application of common sense.  By all means have sexual intercourse as often as possible, its fun, gratifying, and an act of humanity; but be careful.

By allowing partial birth or late term abortion we get in the habit of not facing our problems, rather we learn how to take the easy way out.  This is dangerous because in certain situations the task of survival obviates the easy way out.

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